Our Learning Program is committed to a natural, holistic, student-centred learning experience that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, change-makers. The holistic learning at ‘Future Tots’ focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and expressive development of the child.

Early Years program offers a child-centric education .The play-based program sparks children’s natural curiosity and in-stills the joy of learning through singing, dancing, art, storytelling, cultural celebrations, yoga and mindfulness, green studies, and excursions around .This is interspersed with a gentle integration of proficiencies such as numbers and letters in a very holistic, play-based way.

Our focus is not just providing education to our children, but cultivating love for learning in them so that wherever they go, they are always prepared to match pace with a fast-changing, diverse and multicultural world.

The program for all classes, is built around five major areas of learning:

  1. Physical Development (Gross Motor and Fine Motor)
  2. Social Emotional skills
  3. Language Development
  4. Cognitive skills
  5. Creative Expression 

We have structured our teaching programme to emphasise self-learning through exploration.

At Future tots assessment and observation is closely associated to the curriculum goals and learning objectives, rubrics on the worksheets and report cards. There are three steps – collecting facts by observing, analyzing and evaluating the facts and using this data for future kid’s learning.

In our academics, instruction and assessment is based on the Multiple Intelligences theory to ensure that it is fair and authentic. This also completes the teaching – learning cycle.